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Website Development


www-developmentWebsite Design, Development and Maintenance

With countless completed projects, we dedicate our time and expertise in providing high quality services. Our mission, is to build and provide professional website designs with the highest quality to blow your competition out of the water while keeping your costs within and under your budget. Depending on project size and what’s requested, your job could be completed in as little as 24 hours. We work extremely hard and tirelessly on every project, thus why our portfolio continues to grow.

Design Your Website(s) to Your EXACT Needs!

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seo_consultant_icon3Business owners and other hard working reps, with the extreme workloads that we get, sometimes just get caught up with running their business, meeting their goals, doing everything else for the business/clients and don’t have time to perform the daily marketing activities needed to stay in touch with existing clients and at the same time grow the business. We believe “small business owners simply do not have the time to market their business” and that’s where we come into play.


Profit-increaseWe upgrade your business in every way possible online, with various tools/plugins and ad services to expand business. Used to gain more likes, shares, views, engagements to generate income!  Once we are done, your online presence will be unstoppable. We also work with you every step of the way to guarantee your online success! We startup and utilize Google Analytics to monitor every aspect of your business. Pageviews, where customers originated from (search engine), social                                                  media page tracking and a whole skew of other analytics that Google provides.

Discovery Online

images (15)Your online presence can make or break your business. Once you are online, the fun begins. We look at the opportunity from the consumer’s perspective and start with Keyword Research, it’s the building blocks for all strategy development, it’s the test kitchen where our recipe for a successful Online Internet Marketing Strategy is tested and ultimately perfected to suit your exact business needs. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important tool. You want your website to be able to be discovered online easily. We design your website with SEO expertise utilizing the latest tools to make sure your website is found easily when doing a search. This is outlined in our video of how we make your online presence and discovery beat the competition, every single time!

Website SEO

PoleVault-Media-Marketing-IconWebsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Delivering increased traffic, being visible on all search engines while the site contents need to be credible, compelling and focused on the products/service your website offers. With our expertise, we can deliver a significantly improved SER (Search Engine Ranking) to drive increased traffic to your website. We will get you on all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and more) We have helped multiple startup companies turn into million dollar businesses.


Here are examples of our business being listed on the front page of top search engines — We do the same for you!

google-bing-yp-goodRead more about our SEO Services here: SEO Overview

Online Marketing


Even the most successful companies and professionals who know how to do online marketing and excel at it, sometimes need to reevaluate and take a good look at their business, new client acquisition, assess business direction, consider alternative marketing strategies and tactics more aligned to the consumer’s ever changing perspective of what’s important, what hot and what’s not. The internet, technology, marketing and social media is constantly changing.


Online Trends

PoleVault-Media-Marketing-Icon Our staff dedicates A LOT of our time to follow those changes and trends, staying up to date with the best marketing tools and getting you the biggest bang for your buck to gain more customers! A $10-$20 investment could turn into $1,000! We’re on top if it 24/7 so you don’t have to be.


Email Marketing Strategy


We can help manage the email marketing process and create email pieces that resonate with your target market generating new leads and bringing original customers  back. You give us the information you want out, we implement special software and you’re sending out newsletters, specials, discounts, referral codes, coupons and more to thousands of pre-existing customers or new prospects we gather for you.


Social Media Marketing


Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies pay off with increased traffic on your website, improved brand awareness and more business relationships overall, as you participate on social media platforms and position yourself as a leader in your market. We’ve mastered social media to generate new leads and sales. Let your account be one of them!

smoIconsIf you aren’t on social media or not being seen, customers will sometimes overlook you. In a recent study by Forbes magazine, prospective clients overlooked or couldn’t find businesses that were not on social media. Giving you the footprint on all of the top sites greatly increases your chances for those ‘cold-click clients’ out there that might not even know you exist! Social Media has become a MAJOR determining Factor with consumer spending and influence. Especially if you know how to market right! Which we do for you and show you how the top businesses with social media influence do it.

Creating a Blog


Creating a Blog is a critical element in any brand building exercise.  This posting right here, is a blog. We can develop and implement a blogging strategy to increase website exposure and drive traffic to your site. This is a great thing for existing customers, or reaching out to new customers. If you have a big follower base, or are just starting, this is a great way to connect to your  followers/customers/clients etc.



Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services can be a critical lead nurturing tool that all businesses need. However, developing and implementing an effective email marketing strategy requires specific talents, can be cumbersome and sometimes very time consuming. We can help manage the email marketing process and create email pieces that resonate with your target market generating new                           leads and bringing original customers back.


One Website Fits All Platforms

73% of searches/page views are from smartphones now.
You want your website to be user friendly via PC, Tablet or Smartphone.



Why we beat the competition.

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