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Social Media Growth


LifeLine Technologies can manage your Social Media Accounts, to ensure that you communicate effectively with your Audience. This way, you grow your Awareness, your Brand and Drive more Sales your way.

Below is a screenshot of our Facebook Business Dashboard. Here, we are able to see the overall analytics of accounts. With Facebook Business Manager we are able to manage your account without owning the page, unlike other competitors who will make your page but own it/have full access. If you cancel with their services, your page goes with it. We do not do that. You have full ownership, we are your mission control.



Our Specialists use their Expertise to identify the right Social Media Strategy for your Company’s Needs which includes: Growing your Fan base with Targeted Marketing, Creating Compelling Content and Sales Messages, posting engaging Status Updates on your Social Media Profiles, and building your Buzz online while engaging with your Followers.


Your dedicated Social Media Expert does all this for you, so you may redirect your time towards growing your brand offline, and focusing on the growth of your business.


We have an excellent track record of working with Authors, Musicians, Small and Medium Businesses, Magazines, Models, PR Firms, Beauty Experts, Real Estate Brokers and more. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!


Attract an Audience

Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, so if you’ve ever heard that social media is important, that’s because it truly makes a difference! Social Media presence is a sign of relevance, activity, and success. When consumers search for your services and come upon a social profile filled with consistent content and engagement with customers, their choice is easy.


Engage Prospects

Consumers engage with and share content because it’s entertaining, emotionally-driven, or valuable to them in some way. We utilize your web content and industry resources to pose relevant questions. Start an engaging conversation worth sharing and you’re guaranteed to further your reach.


Influence your Community

First comes presence, then comes influence, and finally, revenue. Once the public is aware of your social presence, they’ll follow along with your journey. We leverage those connections to promote the work you do and call them to action, turning those fans into customers.

Our Process

Social Media Management, while relatively new, has become an instrumental means of growing a business. We will set up and optimize your social profiles utilizing the SEO framework that is plugged into your entire online brand for optimal exposure. Throughout our partnership, OMNI’s experts engage with customers and fans on your behalf to drive traffic to your website and your door.


Step 1 – Define Your Customer Persona

Once we identify your ideal customer, we can then get a feel for what they’ll want to see from your social media brand. In other words, how can we add value to their lives? Your Social Media Specialist will use this persona to create a voice for your brand and determine what type of content to share. By providing consumers with what they want to see, you’ll see more engagement with your posts and a positive buzz around your brand.

Step 2 – Develop a Social Strategy

Your social strategy should be anything but random. We strategically plan when to post, how often to post, and what type of content to post on the social media platforms that best meet your goals. We’ll highlight different aspects of your brand—including industry expertise, products or services, and company culture—and determine how frequently to post in each category.

Step 3 – Get Posting

We love “playing the business owner” and taking on the voice that will most resemble and benefit your unique brand. Our Social Media Specialists curate and create content, and then monitor accounts, responding and reacting to engagement. We look at upcoming trending topics, keep up with local events, and plan around holidays to increase engagement and exposure.

Step 4 – Assess and Adjust

What’s working great? What’s not working as well? We use analytical tools on a monthly basis to determine which posts are getting the most engagement and leading to more website traffic. If needed, we’ll adjust your social strategy to drive more traffic to your site and/or increase your social media following and engagement.



A strong presence of social media profiles will completely revolutionize your interaction and involvement with your customers. With carefully crafted posts, personalized to your brand will help more customer develop deeper relationships with your business. Your brand will be more reliable, more personable, and more successful than ever before. See what social media can do for your business, by clicking below.

Targeted Advertising. Effective Advertising. Drive qualified traffic to your website and more sales today.

Laser Focused Real Results. We handle the ad management.


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