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Services | HD Upgrade & Replacement

HD Upgrade/Replacement

HD 500gb – $45
HD 1000GB (1TB) – $75

$25 to install

Hard drives are the most likely component in a computer to malfunction – especially traditional hard drives, which contain many moving parts and are in constant use. It’s often not a matter of if one will fail, but when – and a failing HD can leave your computer out of commission. If you can no longer boot your computer, notice it’s freezing often, or find that it no longer provides enough storage for your growing media collection, then our Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade service may be for you. To get started, select the appropriate options from the menus above: In the “Hard Drive” option drop-down, select the capacity and type of the hard drive you would like installed. In the “Data Transfer” option drop-down, select whether you would prefer a fresh installation of your existing operating system* plus the other necessary software and drivers to get your computer back up and running, or if you’d like to instead transfer your personal data and media to your new drive.


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